Climate, Cows & the California Golden Trout

Earth Island Journal Report on California Golden TroutEarth Island Journal published my story on the threat cows pose to California golden trout.

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The EcoAngler Report - Golden Trout Creek

Detailed information on Golden Trout Creek's native California golden population along with a map and directions to access this remote Sierra Nevada stream can be purchased here.

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California Golden Trout

Native California Golden trout

This subspecies of trout is the aquatic, poster-child for the state of California. Consequently, the Department of Fish and Game actively manage golden trout in its native range. California Golden trout are native to Golden Trout Creek and the South Fork of the Kern River. But due to human tranplanting, golden trout have been scathered across the Western United States. The non-native range includes many small lakes in the Southern Sierra Neveda.

A California golden swims underwater in the Golden Trout Wilderness

Some populations, especially in the Rocky Mountain States, have taken hold outside their native range. However, most of these populations have been hybridized with either rainbows or cutthroats.

California Heritage Trout Challenge

The California Golden trout caught, photoed, and released in its native range qualifies for the California Heritage Trout Challenge. What is the California golden trout's native range? Send an email to the EcoAngler and I can recommend some waters to fish.

California Golden trout